Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I guess I kind of neglected this

So, it turns out that the last time I updated this blog was about 11 months ago. Oops! Well, A LOT has changed since then. I guess I could give a little update about our lives, and what new crafty/quilty things I have been doing.

About a month after my first blog post my husband got some interesting news. He was told that he had to go to Afghanistan in June, but during the period of March, April, and May, he would have to go to the other side of the country for training. Since I grew up in the Northeast, the appropriate thing to do would be to move from Washington State to New York, during the winter. Which is so not my favorite thing to do. Basically, I have been living in my parent's home with my almost two year old, and my very loving, but highly neurotic Boston Terrier. Lets just say this has been a very interesting 6 months. Right now we're in the process of finding a new home back in WA, and collecting all the stuff I seemed to have accumulated over the last 6 months. I swear my stuff just multiplies in the middle of the night.

Now, for the crafty stuff. I would like to say that I have been extremely productive with my sewing machine and crotchet hook. Sadly, that is not the news. I will say that I did jump in the deep end and bought myself a very fancy sewing machine. I went to go and visit my mother-in-law in Iowa in October. I got there at the right time, because, the biggest quilt show was going on. I happened to snag a Janome 8900 Horizon for a steal. I did have The Husband call me so I could talk about this big purchase. Sometimes I feel crazy guilty buying something big while he is in Afghanistan. Since I bought that machine I finished up a quilt for my little girl, and I'm starting a quilt for myself. Plus, I have like 10 other projects going on in my head. I just can't stop thinking about fabric and all the pretty things I can do with it.

And I will post a couple of pictures of E Girls quilt, and the one that I just started.

Until next time.